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"Great app and team. Got 2 backlinks on the first day. Customer Success is very responsive." - Emily, US

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In-content links are considered to be the most efficient.

BacklinkSwappers allow you to get relevant in-content links that will help you to grow your organic traffic. 

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Only high-quality websites with DR30+ can be accepted into the community.

All applicants are manually vetted.

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What websites can apply?

At the moment, we accept only DR30+ websites. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to refuse an application without explanation. 

What DR backlink can I expect?

All websites in our community are DR30 and above. You can get a backlink ranging from DR30 up to DR90.

Is it legit?

Yes. Our community consists of business owners and marketers who want to promote their businesses online. Check our Trustpilot page to see what they say about us.

Are those backlinks from PBNs?

No, all of our partners are real businesses in various categories. We don’t accept low-quality websites into our community. We review every single application and refuse 7 out of 10 websites to maintain high quality.

Okay, I’ve added a backlink to a community member’s website. When can I expect to get mine?

It usually takes 1-2 weeks for our community members to publish a backlink.

I got a backlink, but I don’t like it. Can I ask to change it?

Sure. You can ask either to change the anchor or publish on a different website if you don’t like the one you got. We’ll do that for you.

Are those backlinks relevant to the content on my website?

Yes, we make sure to connect community members in similar niches. In addition to that, we check each backlink request to make sure our members actually have a relevant piece of content in which to place a backlink. 

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